Advanced Specialty Lighting specializes in production of Xenon Short Arc Lamps and ORC Mercury Xenon Lamps.


Our xenon short arc lamps are used in cinema projection, stage and studio entertainment lighting, follow spotlights, video projection, and a wide range of industrial applications. ASL offers a wide array of products, ranging in wattage from 150W to 10000W, and is continuing to expand our product offering to meet your needs. Our cinema lamps are designed for DC operation, which provides for greater stability, extended life, instant ignition and ease of optical alignment.

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Digital cinema technologies are fast becoming a standard of the industry. ASL offers a wide range of digital lamps that are compatible with the new projectors for the Digital industry. Designed to provide higher luminance and still retain a long life, ASL is the high quality and lower cost solution for your digital lamp requirements.

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ASL mercury xenon lamps are used in a wide variety of ultraviolet photoexposure applications, including PCB manufacturing, curing of epoxy resins, and epitaxy. Each lamp type has specifically designed electrode geometries to provide proper heat dissipation and light generation. The design provides for higher electron emission, and reduces tip burn-back and arc wander, thus improving both output and lamp stability. Mercury is added to enhance the spectral energy in the ultraviolet region, providing for strong lines at 365nm, 405nm, and 436nm. We offer products ranging in wattage from 1,000W to 8000W.

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For technical and service information about our mercury lamps please contact our ASIAN OFFICE.


Advanced Specialty Lighting, Inc manufactures Short Arc and Xenon Flash lamps for use in Solar Simulation that offer high intensity light matching the illumination of natural sunlight. Advanced Specialty Lighting custom designs Short Arc and Xenon Flash lamps for Solar Simulation, in both continuous and flash configurations that provide controllable and reliable testing of solar cells, sun screen, plastics, and other materials and devices in laboratory conditions. Please contact us for more information.


Advanced Specialty Lighting uses the best available materials including the highest grade, optically clear, ozone free, fused silica quartz, 99.999% pure xenon gas and proprietary tungsten electrode materials. Our manufacturing facilities use the most modern and sophisticated technological equipment available, as well as the latest in production techniques, including ISO9001, Lean manufacturing, and Six Sigma principles. Our engineering and design team are responsible for the development of our LONGER LASTING XENON SHORT ARC LAMPS and the confidence that has led us to our 100% WARRANTY, the best in the industry.