ASL News Corner

ASL Partners With Proyecson to Offer Power Supplies and Igniters
Chicago, IL - January 2007

A world leader in xenon lamps for cinema projectors, Advanced Specialty Lighting, Inc. (ASL) is pleased to announce a cooperation with Proyecson to offer high quality electronic power supplies and igniters.

Proyecson, based out of Valencia, Spain, has over 40 years of experience manufacturing equipment for the cinema industry. ASL is excited to offer the Proyecson brand in addition to their already highly reliable xenon lamps.

Through the cooperation with Proyecson, customers will benefit from the cost effective and simpler purchasing process of xenon lamps, power supplies and igniters for cinema projection. Together both companies recognize the need to offer more diverse products with a one stop shop appeal for the benefit of the exhibitor.

“Our partnership with Proyecson will offer cinema exhibitors greater flexibility and availability of the products they already purchase”, says Joe Ulmer, Sales Executive with ASL. “In addition, it reflects our commitment to our customers to provide highly reliable xenon lamps and power supplies while further enhancing the technology for the cinema industry.”

ASL has been recognized throughout the world for offering the highest quality xenon lamps backed by the longest warranty in the industry. Together with Proyecson, they are prepared to accommodate the demands and evolution of the cinema industry and its technology.