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Manufacturer of xenon flash lampsAdvanced Specialty Lighting was formed in July 2003 through the acquisition of the business formerly known as ORC and the Entertainment and Lithography Division of PerkinElmer, Inc.

ASL is a wholly owned subsidiary of Advanced Strobe Products, Inc. (ASP). ASP is a manufacturer of xenon flash lamps for stroboscopic applications and currently produces over 1.2 million flashlamps per year. ASP’s primary markets are vehicular warning, photographic, medical, theatrical, aircraft, airport, laser, tower lighting and machine vision. Advanced Strobe Products, Inc. employs the highest standards of quality and consistency. Corporate headquarters is located in Chicago, IL.

The combined companies operate manufacturing facilities on three continents. We have sales offices and manufacturing plants in Chicago, USA; Lodz, Poland and Shenzhen, China also sales offices in Juarez, Mexico and Singapore. We are committed to operating these manufacturing facilities to provide the best possible products and service to our customers throughout the world.

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